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Bente Nuebe, Baby! 😘

Last year to mark off my 20’s….

Errr.. Ewww…. Hahaha

I want to believe that age is just a number.

But hell! It is still a number!

I want to be numb when we talk about numbers – specifically – my age.

It’s not that I am too affected or it is a big deal to me.

It’s just that – it’s better not to talk about or bring on the table.

Heck! I don’t know until when will I live.

Or am I really living.

I don’t wanna ponder about things and events that won’t happen. However, I cannot help it.

I hope this year will change the way I think and see life.

I hope I find my own peace and sunshine.

I hope to find my missing piece.


Still single.

Patiently waiting.


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Piko / Hopscotch 😁

Someone asked me,

How was your childhood like?

Well, I remember playing this game. I don’t know but this is one of my favourites. Maybe because I always get the upper hand – haha!

I didn’t find this game really hard – before but yesterday I felt that I really am old.


Played this with my lil bro and nephew during my Papa’s death Anniversary. We needed time to entertain ourselves. My nephew suggested for us to play hopscotch or piko in Filipino.

I agreed since I was also bored.

Felt like it was yesterday.

We don’t have chalk so we had to look for the perfect stone that can do the work.

After finding it, I had to draw the pattern. (the one in the picture, yep)

I told them to find their own pamato (stone) that they would need to throw.

Before and during the game, I had to teach them how it works since they don’t really have any idea how it goes 😔 ( yeah, negative side of technology)

We had fun!!!

I did sure have because it brought me back to the 90’s. However, I felt sad too.

It’s been decades since I last played Piko and maybe the first time for them.

I felt sad for them – for not experiencing the childhood that I once had.

The joy that these types of games bring can never be replaced by any gadgets.

I hope the new generation and the next can still have a taste of what’s it like – To play under the sun and get dirty


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My My

Your long black hair

Your sweet smile

Your deep voice

Your wit remarks

Your honest opinions

Your signature sighs

Your scent

Your lips touching mine

Your hands reaching mine

Your love

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Parang tanga

Nagpupuyat sa wala

Naghihintay na may makaalala

Makita mukha mo sa pop up messages

Tapos tatanungin mo ko

“kamusta ka?”

Yan tanong mo

Sagot ko naman

“hindi masyadong okay”

Tapos sasagot ka na

“ako din”

Tatanungin kita


Sasagot ka ng

“namimiss kasi kita..”

At titigil na naman ang mundo ko…

Pero heto ako.

Nagpupuyat sa wala

Wala namang ka chat


Pero bakit dilat pa rin?

Bakit ayaw akong patulugin?

Dahil ba sa dalawang baso ng kape


Dahil sa diwa kong mas matindi pa sa caffeine o kung ano mang droga

Heto na naman ako

Nagpupuyat sa wala

Parang tanga.

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It’s 5:33 AM.

Here I am.

Back reading your old messages as if I have not memorized it.
Checking our exchanges of screenshot. 
Your sweet nothings. 
A bliss.

There's not a day or a week that pass by that I haven't asked myself of the what if's? and could be's?
I always wonder what brought you - what made you leave me?
Why you didn't fight for me?
Why it's just so damn easy for you to let go?

It's been 2 years. 
2 fucking  years - yet here I am  - still convincing myself that YOU'RE not a mistake or a regret.
But the more I try, the harder it is for me to believe. 

I know there's more to life.
I know that. 
I know life goes on and I should not cry over spilled milk.

But I always end up thinking


and that blows me real hard. 
Hitting rock bottom. 


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From the bottom of my stubborn heart 🖤

Do you remember those days wherein you notice that you got bruise on your body but can’t figure out where it came from?

You press it.


Yeah. A real bruise.

Maybe that’s the same pain I’m going through right now.

I never noticed that I’m hurting someone until today.

This is the hardest part.

Not being able to reciprocate or even give one fourth of yourself to the person who’s willing to share his entire life with you.

Yes, you know how painful it is

Being ignored

Being rejected

Being taken for granted

Being The second option

Or being The last on the list

By the person who means the most to you

You know how fucking painful that is yet –

Here you are

Doing the same thing

How cruel.

Like an emotional version of animal slaughtery.

No words can explain or let him understand why you don’t or why you can’t.

Even if you message him thousands of emojis and apologies

It won’t change a thing

But still, I wanted to let you know that

I’m sorry.

I am really am sorry

From the bottom of my stubborn heart.